Monday, 11 May 2009

ATP Vs The Fans II Round Up

Back at work now, but have a couple of notes and a few pics from a great festival. Came back totally rested after sleeping in a proper bed rather than camping. It makes the world of difference once you hit 30, y'know.

Surprise of the festival: Beirut. Liked them much more than I thought I would. Clean sounding, and very uptempo. Did a bit of dancing.

Best Soundcheck: Spiritualized. It was a little bonus midday set, very mellow. Went nicely with coffee and a fruit slice.

Best Set: Shearwater. New stuff was good, and they closed with Home Life. Thor got the zither out. Super points.

Band I never liked before but do now: Harvey Milk.Downloading the back catalogue when I get back.

Band of the weekend: THE JESUS LIZARD. David Yow redefines both batshit and creepy, and boys went into the moshpit and came out men, with fully formed beards. While technically Shearwater were the performance of the weekend, the Liz were the experience of the weekend, and everyone wanted a slice. I have the bootleg from the second night, pm me if you want an upload. Be warned, it could take the rest of your life on this connection.
Set the kids got, but I didn't: The Mae Shi. A fair portion of the crowd went ape, but they didn't do it for me.

Worst taunt: "Why don't you throw your guitar at someone?" to Alan Sparhawk towards the end of the Retribution Gospel Choir set.

Best taunt: "Didn't you use to be in Best?" to Andy Falkous from me. Eventually we agreed that I'd go back in time and destroy all copies of that single. I should get on that, really.

Best handshake: Drummer from Retribution Gospel Choir. Firm and expressive, not bone-crushing and functionary.

Three star sets: The Cave Singers, Pink Mountaintops (hobbled by bad monitors, still a good show), Jesu.

Pictures are here, as you can see. I've thinned the herd and shopped them, but even I can't get average shots to look good. Must get closer next time.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Happy Birthday to me / Opening the Vaults

Little babies learn a lot in a year. Some little geniuses are walking and talking within that time. This little blog-baby is one today. Since I've started it, I've been to about 20 shows, and three festivals. I've briefly written for DiS, seen Tom Waits, started a couple of jobs, met a nice girl, took a great Art Brut photo that very few people saw, and at the end of the week am going to my first All Tomorrows Parties festival. It hasn't been a super busy year, but it's been more fun than most.

Yeah, I know. I should get out now and then.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Another Marion post

Long term readers of TFTS and those who know me will be aware of my fanboy love for the on-again-off-again Macclesfield minstrels, Marion. From what Spotify has to offer, here's a new primer on them and a 'new'-ish version of Fallen Through from a Club Quattro gig in 1996. Note Jaime's vampish Mötley Crüe style hair. Old school, indeed.