Sunday, 10 July 2016

Final broadcast? Nah.

Greetings. So, Belly are returning to our shores for the first time in 20 years this month. Unbelievably, tickets remain for their 700 capacity Norwich Waterfront show, and the Forum date (though standing may have gone by the time you read this). After missing them in the 90's, the same mistake cannot happen again. I'm DJ'ing next month, playing a stomping soul and rock and roll set at Paper Dress Vintage on the 12th of August before London's premier Bowie tribute, Cats From Japan, take the stage. It'll be good to DJ again, have a few more new songs to play out. Probably Albert Washington to open. "Turn out the lights, pull down the shades. Lock the door, I'm about to love you..." And finally, I've thrown my hat into the reviewer ring again. It feels like a good time to start writing again.