Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Sweet baby Jesus, I've just got a ticket for Pearl Jam at Shepherd's Bush!

My friend Nigel and I were desperately trying to get a pair of tickets for Pearl Jam's not-so-secret Shepherd's Bush Empire show on the 11th of August. They were playing the Enormodome (to which I will NEVER return*), and neither of us got one in two presales, or the sale proper. He went through a booking system crash once, and I got frozen out by the internet twice. It was tough luck, or so I thought.

Thanks to that system crash, Nigel was sent a link for the last few seats. By the time he got to book it, there was one left (unreserved nosebleeds), and he didn't have a card. So he made the ultimate sacrifice, and I booked the ticket. How do you repay that level of friendship?

Anyways, the review will be coming for that. Bet your life on it!

(*Unless my mum wants to go and see Aerosmith)

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Blur at Hyde Park 3rd July

A fun link. If only someone had an audioripper, eh?