Thursday, 22 May 2008

Evil Don't Look Like Anything

I saw Okkervil River this week at the Borderline. They damn near put my face in my lap. Got introduced to this band by a girl I swapped (actual real, physical) mixtapes with, and for her I have nothing but praise. Easily the best band I've seen in the last year, and that's a decent amount of bands that they've clawed their way over to get on top. Here's a Youtube video taken from the table nearest the stage (the best spot for watching a gig, ever. You just have to get there early). I don't endorse Youtube live vids from gigs, as often this means some schmo is spoiling your view with their lit up camera phone. And the sound is usually pretty bad. This one of them performing 'Plus ones' from The Stage Names is pretty good, in that neither of those things have happened (no-one's view is obscured, sound is C).

And here is the sampler I was talking about. Most of these tracks have been cribbed from other blogs, and really are only here for sampling purposes. I heartily recommend you get a ticket for their UK tour later this year, and/or pick up their albums (start with The Stage Names and work backwards).

1. The President's dead
2. For Real
3. Our life is not a movie or maybe
4. John Alleyn Smith Sails
5. It ends with a fall (Live on WOXY)
6. Plus Ones
7. Westfall (my favoutite song at the moment)

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