Monday, 23 June 2008

Back in print / Secondsmile / Murder by Death

My reviews are in the PDF for issue two. Go team me.


Have been sent a few emails over the last week or so that had links to a couple of interesting tracks enclosed.
One of the better ones was from Secondsmile, a band on the very respectable Big Scary Monsters label. Their forthcoming album Years is on the way, and the title track is pleasingly epic guitar led indie rock from the old school.

The other interesting track was by a band called Murder by Death, who are on Vagrant. The press blurb said they sounded like Tom Waits and The Decemberists. The promo track they sent out, Fuego, sounded more like the Blasters, I thought. Their album 'Red of tooth and claw' was recorded with Trina Shoemaker, who has a pretty impressive CV (QOTSA, Iggy, and Emmylou Harris). They're touring over here soon, and I reckon their Borderline show on July the 15th might be a bit tasty. They'd definitely suit the venue.

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