Friday, 27 June 2008

See you in the next life

I thought about Suede a few weeks ago, and remembered that they'd left many tracks off Sci-fi lullabies, their B-Side collection. I thought, "I've got all of those tracks". I was wrong. I'm missing nine tracks from their early years. Hardly salty tears before bedtime, but still... Nevermind.
Below are eleven non album tracks from the prime period of their first three albums.

Painted People (on the Animal Nitrate single) and Dolly (on the flipside of So Young) really should have been on Sci fi Lullabies. they're good nu-glam stompers that got played quite a bit on the first Suede tour. This world needs a father (available on The Wild Ones CD single) is the most obvious absentee, a stand out track from the Dog Man Star sessions. It's a T-Rexesque epic, with a massive Bernard Butler guitar line, and mentions Sci fi Lullabies in the lyric. Sam (B to Beautiful Ones) also has a nice downbeat 70's acoustic Bowie feel to it, even if the lyrics seem a bit throwaway at points. All these songs fit the criteria for their b-side collection (not a cover, not a remix or alternate take, not a live take, not a single), and frankly could have pushed some duffers off the end of the second disc.

The other tracks wouldn't have been eligible for inclusion. Rent (from the Filmstar single) is a live cover of the Pet Shop Boys song, with Neil Tennant on vocals. The Drowners was taken from an Radio One Evening Session album, Brass in Pocket from the Vox Haute Couture cover CD, and Shipbuilding was drawn from Assorted, a Q compilation. The other live tracks are from a bonus disc that came with limited early copies of the US edition of Coming Up. There are a few other tracks on the live disc, and they may get put up in due course should I be able to get my hands on their other rarities. The last track (kindly donated by Steve) was a bit of a cheat. It was never officially issued, and is an alternate instrumental version of Still Life taken put out as a hidden track on Suede's last single, Attitude. It just shows what Dog Man Star could sound like with a decent remaster. How that album must dream of decent levels, a nice clear mix, with separated channels glimmering as crisply as they do on this version. It's still a great album, obviously, but time is proving a harsh mistress for it. Sony are usually extremely fond of the cash raking Britpop reissue, so hopefully that'll happen at some point during my lifetime.

Suede - Painted People

Suede - Dolly

Suede - The Drowners (Radio Session)

Suede - Brass in Pocket

Suede - This world needs a father

Suede - Shipbuilding

Suede - Sam

Suede - Rent (Live featuring Neil Tennant)

Suede - She (Live)

Suede - By the Sea (Live)

Suede - Still life (Orchestral version)

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