Monday, 12 January 2009

Another happy customer

I always knew our combined knowledge of 90's indie rock would prove useful one day.

Do you have a question about alternative music from the 90's? Does not knowing who wrote obscure Kenickie b-sides keep you up all night? Do you find yourself looking at Wiki pages for bands like Mansun, who you never gave too much of a toss about in the first place, and thinking 'Yeah, I've got one of their records somewhere'? Me too. Write to me. Maybe I can help.

Live reviews of Neko Case and Howling Bells lined up for February, looking out for free shows this month after a Christmas ATP ticket purchase. It seems the year is beginning to pick up pace following the New Year lull, finally.

A fresh MP3 post of olden time classics is due this week. Stay tuned.

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