Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Spotify playlists / The Merger / Sprites

A few playlists I've knocked up on Spotify for the amusement of others. All of these lists are open, so if you use Spotify and see something I've missed, or want to adjust anything, go ahead.

Late era (post Wish) Cure
A lot of people think the Cure haven't released anything good since Wish. This is a selection of tracks they've put out since then. Shame Geffen has pulled The Cure from Spotify though, had to rework this this 'list and omit two real crackers from there, The Promise and (I don't know what's going) on.

Rare Bowie
Loads of great stuff on here. Shadow Man is terrific, as is the Ziggy era take on The Supermen.

Grunge 201
A fair mix here, with some choices that might be considered very predictable indeed. 90's flannel wearing fun!


Expecting to read about the Ticketmaster/LiveNation merger today. May I just be the first person to mutter the word 'monopoly'? Other good words and phrases... Zaibatsu.. immature oligopoly... safety in numbers... if we merge, it'll hide the big holes in our finances for a year or two, and by the time they realise we'll already be sipping margueritas in Rio. Just kidding with the last one.


Have become obsessed with a twee indie pop band called Sprites.
Many free tracks here and I recommend downloading 'Bionic Hands', 'George Romero' and 'Following her around' for free. Nice!

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