Monday, 29 June 2009

Unnecessary competition

This is a one time deal. I've made a compilation CD, and am putting her up for a competition prize. As long as you aren't related to me in any way, and haven't received a comp from me in the last 6 months, then this exciting mix can be yours. Note hand crafted sleeve, pencilling, and messed up handwriting and sweet tracklist.

The comptition has one question: In the bottom picture, in the top right hand side, there's a picture postcard. Who painted the picture?
Answers to comments, first correct answer wins.

Or you could just hit up the shorter Spotify version. Interesting test for Spotify actually, of 21 randomly chosen tracks it had 15. Not bad, but no gold star.


misspeltyouth said...


is it a monet? it looks like one to me but it's hard to make out.

misspeltyouth @

Tom said...

Aye, it was a hard one alright, but yes, it's a Monet.

Have a look at your email and it'll be in the post shortly.