Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tom Waits live album in the pipeline / Eye-f*@king Anamanaguchi album website

This excerpt is taken from the CMU music update. If you haven't signed up to it yet, you should. It provides news, sometimes without even knowing about it, to a lot of music blogs and major websites. Being on their mailing list means you get the news first. Instead of reading it second hand, like you're just about to.

Tom Waits will next month release a two disc live album documenting his Glitter And Doom tour from last year. It'll be interesting in that while disc one will have sixteen songs tapped from ten different nights of the tour, disc two will consist exclusively of Waits' between song ramblings. Here are the tracks that appear in on the first disc (with where they were recorded in brackets).

Lucinda/Ain't Goin Down (Birmingham)
Singapore (Edinburgh)
Get Behind the Mule (Tulsa)
Fannin Street (Knoxville)
Dirt In The Ground (Milan)
Such A Scream (Milan)
Live Circus (Jacksonville)
Goin' Out West (Tulsa)
Falling Down (Paris)
The Part You Throw Away (Edinburgh)
Trampled Rose (Dublin)
Metropolitan Glide (Knoxville)
I'll Shoot The Moon (Paris)
Green Grass (Edinburgh)
Make It Rain (Atlanta)
Story (Columbus)
Lucky Day (Atlanta)"

I can tell you that the in between song ramblings are worth the price of admission alone. Buy it!


Anamanaguchi released an album last month. The promo website is stupendous, and will leave you having a seizure like at the end of the Simpsons. I give you fair warning, your retinas will never be the same. The music is also terrific.