Monday, 21 December 2009

The sound of Commerce

It's a beep, beep sound as thousands of pounds pass before your eyes. From the door alarm, from the scanner. Christmas songs, potentially until you die. The tills are playing up, the queue is out the door, I've personally fucked up many simple transactions, and have cost customers valuable quality Xmas time with family members. While looking like a spastic. Is it OK to use that word? No? Spasticspasticspasticspastic.

Despite all this, I really like the new job; and would love to make it permanent.

"Su-Bo is outselling everything. EVERYTHING. All that stood before her is crushed and scorched by the wayside. It is over, Earthlings. Over. 10:47 PM Dec 15th from web"

Still true. The Buble (sp) is doing well too, might have actually kept up today. Will Young also battled bravely, but there is no stopping the Titan, the Mecha Godzilla, Cthulu levels of might Su-Bo wields.