Sunday, 29 August 2010

Arcade Fire v Libertines. A quick word on BBC coverage

The Libertines pounded through their suport headline slot. Sadly Pete, the whitest man alive, was barely fit for purpose. He stumbled around looking generally unwell and fucked up most of his solos. That version of Can't Stand Me Now was bobbins. It was one of those sets the more hyperbolic music papers will call LIFE CHANGING, one of those ones people will discuss that might end with the attendees screaming 'You weren't THERE, Man. You don't KNOW!"

The Arcade Fire had a funny old mix early on ('More ukelele!'). They were the right choice of headliner, but for next year when everyone knew the record, and perhaps should have put a single from Funeral as first song. They aren't fully reliant on energy in the same way that The Libs are, instead they operate on magic and perfection. Without one or the other there, they can fall flat.Tough to get perfection on a festival stage, and despite a pretty poor set, technically, The Libertines nicked all the magic.

Sadly they'll probably pawn it for skag later.

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