Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sziget 2011 is tempting me

Bands I love, and would like to see again.

The National (Absolutely Key)
Pulp (Saw their last show with this line up... in 1996!)
Interpol (New bass player... mint)
Skunk Anansie (Nostalgia purposes. Have seen them three times already)

Bands I haven't seen, but would like to

Judas Priest (On their farewell tour)
Crystal Castles ( Have heard they've improved drastically in the last year. Must've been touched by Greatness)
Motorhead (Lemmy won't be around forever. There's only so much the human body can take!)
Chemical Brothers (Don't judge me. I'm here.... for the light show?)

There's going to be more to come. I hope for Morrissey or The Stooges, maybe some 2001 vintage Emo action, but technically this bill is strong enough fo me to lay my money down already. The only problem I have is the cost of flights, but I'm balancing that out against the facts. Namely that Sziget is

A) cheaper for food and drink than other festivals by some considerable distance.
B) a five day break in the sun compared to a weekend in Reading.
C) ...for which I'd have had to shell out for travel anyway.
D) has the most enthusiastic fans of any festival I've ever been to.

I was thinking that Hungary gets skipped by a lot of touring bands, and Sziget is the only chance they get to see bands like The National and Pulp. And lest we forget, Heavy Metal is INSANELY popular there. Judas Priest's final show? I pity security on that one.

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