Friday, 20 January 2012

Hola Amigos

New year, and the same old delivery schedule. Everyone has already shot their wad with their Ones to watch, and Tips for the Top.

My only tip this year is Daughter. Caught them at lounge on the Farm, and they were very good. Think post rock and new folk wrapped into a tight embrace.

Records to avoid - The Lemonheads Hotel Sessions. Full review is up on DiS. 3/10 says it all for a band I once loved. Sloppy addition to their catalogue, general poor shew all round.

Records to seek - New Nada Surf is a mini thrill ride.
If you like American Indie Rock, you will almost certainly like this album.

I predict - Toronto'sMemoryhouse to take the critical world by storm. I've had the album for three days and every play gets a little more pleasant. It is Elitebait for critics, and they're playing up a vague Arcade Fire-ness in the PR gumphf. It's there when you listen to them, for sure, but there is something else that I can't quite put my finger om yet. A cold insouciance . They're giving away a couple of tracks of it over on SubPop, streaming the singles here.

Under the radar, everywhere in the universe - Caithlin De Marrais' Red Coats LP. Streams here, another late 90's emo hero makes good with a solid solo record. Those people are setting patterns, and getting totally fucking ignored by mainstream media. No press, no radio. It's all groundswell and hard yards, they've become the troubadors of old. I suppose it keeps indie indie, huh?

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