Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Found sound

I've changed my mind on re-issuing the stuff of old. It's all new from here.

As many music obsessives know, the highlight of going round to someone else's gaff is pillaging their hard drive for Mp3s. Being a lover of hoarding shiny objects, I was a bit slow on the mp3 uptake (I was under a 1000 until last month), it's great to find a few gems from the collections of others nestling in your folders after a few months.

Here are a few I've found kicking about, and a Ben Harper CD single from the nineties that deserves some more love (upon request).

Random mix

The Secret of my endurance - Charles Bukowski
Knowing me, knowing you - Evan Dando
A nanny in Manhattan - Lilys
The man comes around - Johnny Cash
That's all it took - Gram Parsons
Wicked man - Ben Harper
Ground on down - Ben Harper
Fire not Ice - Ben Harper
If I could hear my mother pray again - Ben Harper
Look what the cat dragged in -Poison

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