Monday, 5 May 2008


Welcome to my new blog. Those are five terrifying words for any prospective reader. But don't be worrying too hard. I've got form from writing on here (before Google ate Blogspot) and from the Myspace, which I used to write on a lot, but hardly touch these days. Before that, I was a student journalist. Before that, I was a writer anyway. And I read a lot of books. Some of the good stuff might have rubbed off. I live in hope.

My first few posts will be a 'greatest hits package' from the last few years of MySpace, and anything else of note from the archives. There'll be a lot of changes to the appearance as I go along, too. This is a chance for me to relearn HTML, and pick up some XML tricks too.

Then it's going to be regular weekly posts, sometimes featuring MP3s, the majority of which will be encoded to a reasonable level (192 kbps up). If something is very good, and I have it at 128/160, I'll still post it. To be honest, no-one can really tell the difference; it's a concession to people as anal as I am. There'll be a lot of music talk, and live reviews on here, and be expecting shakycam pics galore from gigs as well.

A feast is on the way. Lick your lips.

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