Monday, 7 July 2008

Marion Discography (Part One)

Part one of an ongoing fanboy project to get rare Marion tracks out of my record collection and into the wild. They were one of the best bands of the Nineties, and I still have high hopes for their long, long awaited third album. Jaime Harding is playing the Metro on Oxford street this Thursday, and speaks of new Marion songs ready to go. Sadly I'm going to miss this show, but I can hardly wait to hear the new songs.

Let's all go together (Slide version)
An alternate take on a classic. Huge slide guitar all over this mix, and it doesn't fade out like the original version. A b-side to Time.

What are we waiting for?
A forgotten gem from their second album, The Program.

Another Time b-side, that also made the Japanese version of 'This World and Body'.

Violent Men
Not the original Rough Trade version, but a more balanced recording of their debut, drawn from their hit single Sleep.

My Children (Evening session version)
A blistering run through the pounding closing track.

The Powder Room Plan
Apparently the subject of meddling by the label, this song is still one of my favourites and deserved to be the second single from their last album.

The Late Gate Show
The b-side of Let's all go together, this live favourite also was fit for inclusion to the Japanese version of TWAB.

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