Friday, 4 July 2008

Fresh Picks: Part One
Scouring the internet so you don't have to

Two acts who deserve a bit more love and attention below.

Carrying on the tradition of good indie rock bands that start with 'My First', My First Radio are releasing a single, Progress via the God is in the TV singles club. They're getting a fair bit of press. They're from Kettering and Corby. Is that where the trouser press comes from? Does it matter? When you think about it for long enough, does anything really matter? Regardless of these questions, it's quite a good single, and the A side is strong. It reminds me a bit of Remote Part era Idlewild, and it's a rich, layered indie piano ballad with a Six by Seven wailing guitar kick halfway through. The B-side channels Bloc Party/Redjetson. Drowned in Sound should love it.

Next up, from Northern Ireland, Tiny Echoes
He doesn't have a bio up on the Myspace there, but he's recorded a decent new album you can download entirely for free here. He's described it as straight folk rock music, and it reminds me of the mellower moments from the Postal Service, a little of Elliott Smith. It's good stuff, with the pick for me being a song called Their Voices. Have a listen first, see if you like it. Then download it anyway. It's a dirty little grower.

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