Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Hold Steady / Viruses

Went to see The Hold Steady last night. Got there early for a wristband, got in the entry queue within a few minutes of it forming... Sadly it was not to be the show I'd hoped for. Rough Trade, who should be commended for getting a band such as The Hold Steady to perform an instore, had a very dodgy stage set up at the back of the store. There was a raised area for the drummer, and the bassist was also up there. The rest of the band were not on a raised stage. This meant, unless you were six foot seven and a half, or within ten yards of the crash barrier you were unlikely to be able to see 3/5 of the band.

That said, the kids on the rail must have got one hell of a view, and as close to the band as you're ever likely to get these days. Stuck behind a very tall businessman with a perplexing amount of dandruff, I was stuffed, and very envious of them. If you add to this a classic Superfan (Super-loud clapping 'WOO!' 'YEAH!' [then, to the rest of the crowd] 'MAKE SOME FUCKING NOISE! THEY DESERVE IT!!!') thirty feet to my right, and a set featuring weaklings such as Magazines and Navy Sheets while ignoring their first two albums; then you've got a pretty average show from a first class band. Shame. Still, I got a setlist, which is something I'll put with all the other setlists from bands I cherish. Particularly enjoying the high visibility tape.
Acid yellow. My favourite.

Other News... I've been struggling with viruses over the last couple of days, and have added a few more security layers on my desktop PC. I'll be interested to see how they work out. If it isn't a virus, then I'm getting hacked, and I'll have to do a bit more, security wise. Though God knows why anyone would bother. It's not like I spend my afternoon off diving into a sea of gold coins.

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