Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Nineties Soundtrack Flashback Part One

I was watching a zombie film last night, the remake of Dawn of the Dead, I think. Zombie films have blurred for me, to be frank. Not that I don't love them, it's just they shamble towards you en masse, and they all have zombie in the title. Their name is, literally, legion. Anyways, the song rolling over the credits was People who died by The Jim Carroll Band. It's a fine slice of punk, written by a neo-beat junkie poet survivor, which showed up originally on the film about his life, the Basketball Diaries.

It was a fine soundtrack, with a rare Soundgarden song from the Superunknown sessions (the decent Blind Dogs), a Pearl Jam rarity, PJ Harvey, a Flea track (which is effectively a RHCP track from the One Hot Minute era band), and the first song that I ever heard by the Posies. It was a great soundtrack, that hasn't really stood the test of time. It features generic Graeme Revell work, weak late era Cult, a poor showing from Rockers Hi-fi, and a shocking grunge cash-in band called Green Apple Quickstep. Can't imagine the film has held up too well either, even though it was a favourite back in the day.

I'm going post the two standouts, People who died by Jim Carroll and Coming Right Along by The Posies, the best grunge age teen angst Hendrix workout drawn from their benchmark Frosting on the Beater album.

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