Friday, 24 October 2008

Oh, so you think I've been slacking off

Well, maybe a bit. Most of the promo stuff I've been getting through has come from DiS, and anything I get from, I'm writing up for them.

The Clash: Live at Shea Stadium
Such a crunchy picture. That's what happens when you resize a low-res image, eh?

Jenny Lewis at Koko (Excellent photo by Lorne Thomson)
Pleased with this, had to edit it a lot once it went live.

Guitar Hero World Tour
Chris Alcxxk looks at the merits of the forthcoming Guitar Hero game, and I hit the button marked 'In-depth comparison test'. If the footage of me singing Living on a prayer on stage at the Electric Ballroom goes online, I'm going into hiding. That said, I did nail it. Mostly.

Shearwater live review pending in Beat Happening, with photo. I'll link it when I've got it.

My Vitriol's shhhhsecret Manchester show, more Shearwater and Future of the Left lined up for the end of next month, Cranes farewell tour next week, hopefully the odd freebie in between.

It's all go. Really!

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