Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Let's step into the time machine and see what happens

I've submitted a couple of things to DiS recently that would seem unlikely to see the light of day.
Yesterday I finished a Mercury Rev review, which was a little confused. Realistically, because it wasn't as crisp and concise as it could have been, and because the album is two months old, it isn't going to go up if they've got something better in the pipeline. Which I'm OK with, to be frank.

So I'm keeping that in the bag to put out on here. I'm doing the same with a review of the Girl Talk album. Today I'm writing up a Threatmantics review and taking notes on an excellent 4CD Northern Soul compilation. I'm also reading the 'Your guide to working at Debenhams' staff handbook. It's a page turner. Already I'm hoping for the sequel.

*Should* have scored review tickets for a show on the 19th. But I'm keeping that off the record, on the QT, and very strictly hush-hush. For now at least.

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