Thursday, 27 August 2009

A-Z Ash tour - With Map!

Posted after CMU and DiS, this hardly seems worth a mention, but I've picked up a couple for one of their London dates, an impulse buy that I'm already regretting, and that will probably have to be sold on in due course. Should I be unable to eke out a small profit from that, well, I'll just have to go to the show. It's in the Irish pub they used to film the pub scenes in Spaced, anyway. That place must be some kind of late 1990's geek Mecca. The odd messageboard naysayer has been knocking the tour as a gimmick, one that the band and their tour bus will live to regret. While is is a bit of a gimmick, a closer look at the route shows it to be a very well mapped jaunt, some of the big jumps are done over two days, and it runs to something around 4,100 miles (wouldn't let me have the Z on the Google map. Sorry). It's the sort of tour that reminds me of the old days, when bands weren't afraid to hit the road hard to support a product. None of that two hip London instores and a six week break here. This is solid graft. Shame their last free single 'Return of the White Rabbit' was a half-hearted mish mash then. Let's hope the rest are stronger.

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