Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Darkside / Lightside

Got a Cave Singers review up on DiS that I forgot to mention a couple of weeks ago. Felt bad for slating it, but people have got things harder now. Not Depression era hard, but a little more hard in the way of spending choices; a tenner spent on a bad record is a tenner that can't be spent on a good show. Belts tightened and all that. People don't like writing bad reviews for bands thay like though, and I've got to say, that wasn't a fun one to write. Doesn't mean I like getting trolled though. You've only written two comments and one of them is disagreeing with me, or rather slating my review approach? That is in no way suspicious, sir.

In related news, a trip to Canada is being funded by selling tickets on the internet. I feel bad about it, really bad, because I remember what it was like to not be able to get to shows because they'd sold out thanks to tout scumbags. Recently I was dismayed to have almost have missed out on the show of the year thanks to touts. Now I am a tout. Maybe not on purpose, at first. But I'm selling two standing Pixies tickets for the last night at Brixton. Two days left. Eighteen watchers. £123. That's a full 100% profit, but damn do I feel dirty.

Recently picked up 2 Ash tickets to a tiny London pub show (see previous post). It's sold out, and tickets are up for a buy it now price of £49 from a tout. I'm considering offering up the ones I've bought at face value to an Ash messageboard to redeem myself, bring a stroke of good karma back around. If you're angling for the good karma, looking for the payback, does it count?

Other news... Bella Union free show tonight near Liverpool Street. I'm hoping for a Dirty Three/Explosions in the Sky/Snowbird triple header. Any one of those would do though.
Will take pictures and write up if I can find a few minutes tomorrow.

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